Thursday 8 November 2012

[Gazette Profile] AdultXFund; Crowdfunding for The Adult Industry

The latest industry hoping to reap the potential rewards crowdfunding has to offer is the world of adult news and entertainment. AdultXFund was announced at xBiz EU, the adult industry's leading international digital media conference held in London September this year. The fledgling platform offers owners of adult themed projects resources from which to crowdfund their venture and revolutionise the adult industry for the digital world.

AdultXFund was set up by JCaz Limited, a UK based company owned and operated by Jason Maskell with over 14 experience specialising in adult content for digital media. Working within the global adult industry, JCaz has overseen the development of a range of products and services including Mobile Apps, DVD production & distribution, as well as the use of social media. The idea for AdultXFund was devised when JCaz was approached by various interested parties looking for alternative funding for a variety of adult projects. After Jason undertook extensive research of an assortment of relevant forums and platforms, it seemed that there was little interest within the crowdfunding community for this type of project.

The platform is open to any adult orientated projects including publications, websites, mobile apps, as well as film projects, and uses the all or nothing crowdfunding model. In return for 6.5% of the total funds raised, AdultXFund provides project owners ,through their extensive contacts within the industry, with advice and support for those looking to develop projects for the adult market, as well as a strong, secure and professional platform through partnership with Grow VC. There are also plans to offer additional marketing services for an additional charge. Projects featured on AdultXFund to date include a digital adult magazine and a production company looking to combine adult content with MTV style videos. Interested users can sign up and follow the progress of these projects as they move closer to launch.
We really want the public to be able to invest and take equity in adult projects that excite and interest them. - Jason Maskell, Founder AdultXFund
Controversy has often engulfed the adult industry with regards to its effects on human behaviour and society, as well as the concern over the distribution of illegal content. AdultXFind is open to any form of adult content whether it be news outlets, soft core or even hardcore content. It stresses however, the need for project owners to ensure that their venture is legal within their country of business, and offer support and advice to clear up any confusion as to legality.

The adult industry is not to everyone's liking yet it is still one that is very much in demand. Like any other industry it  has endured difficulties in this increasing turbulent financial climate.   AdultXFund looks set to open up the market to purveyors of adult content allowing opportunities for potentially exciting and innovative projects that could change the way the industry operates.

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