Monday, 4 February 2013

Crowdfund Your Projects & Build Communities with Crowd Valley

The pending implementation of President Obama's JOBS Act and the rapid growth of crowdfunding platforms, particularly in the US look to make crowdfunding highly competitive. Some individuals and organisation are building their own platforms but those without the time and resources could find themselves left behind. Crowd Valley offers a means to build a crowdfunding and/or investment platform that is cost effective and enables startups to build up investment communities and even link with others to create a dependable financial ecosystem. 
Crowd Valley is part of the Grow VC (Venture Community) Group, made up of various professional advisors experienced entrepreneurs. The aim of the group is to make accessible  a variety of crowd - based alternative funding and resources to enable startup investment and marketplace development, especially during an uncertain economy in which traditional lending is still proving difficult to attain. Each of the group members provide a specific service or resource to help fledgling businesses, such as software developer ChangeLab23 who use carefully selected and tested resources to develop innovative user friendly solutions. The founders of Crowd Valley, Markus Lampinen (CEO), Paul Higgins (CMO), Alessandro Ravanetti (CMO) and legal Dan McNamee, identified a problem in the rapidly growing alternative crowd based funding market. 

Despite so many platforms emerging following the passing of the JOBS Act it can be difficult trying to find a crowdfunding platform suited to funding needs. Building your own crowdfunding platform or hub can be costly and without the proper resources that need to be regulatory compliant, difficult and inaccessible. Crowd Valley provides the solution, an infrastructure in which an individual or organisation can build their own platform that will not only be highly functional but compliant with all the necessary statutes. The user can implement their own terms and limits, even be able better target potential donors or investors. Typical customers can includes crowdfunding platforms, universities, angel networks, and events organisers.

Unlike most crowdfunding platforms, which are better suited for one off funding venture projects, Crowd Valley is about building a community within the customer's chosen area e.g. a life science venture that invites medical professionals who are accredited investors. Through a single profile the investors and project owners alike can connect with other network partners to create a community or financial ecosystem. This increases exposure for the project or market place owners and for the investors, a greater choice of viable ventures to support. By operating in this open and interconnected manner, Crowd Valley hope to encourage better choice as well transparency and a more democratically themed online financial community.

To date Crowd Valley has amassed over 300 businesses enrolled as network partners. It offers resources to enable creation of a fully customiseable crowdfunding platform for less cost and the opportunity to connect with other ventures and investors. As crowdfunding becomes more competitive, Crowd Valley offers start ups and organisations the opportunity to compete for funding from the crowd on a more even keel. 

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