Friday 5 April 2013

Crowdfunding The Road to Hollywood for UK Film Distributors

UK based startup Seraphim Entertainment has a mission to sell independent UK produced short films on the international market but needs the power of the investor crowd to make this happen. The company has therefore turned to equity crowdfunding via the platform Crowdcube for help offering not only just shares in the enterprise but also a Hollywood excursion which includes premier screenings and even a tour of some of the hot spots of the city where movie magic is conjured. 

Based in Bridgend, Wales, Seraphim Entertainment was founded by Daniel Lyddon and James Morgan who identified a gap in market for a brand identifiable with the distribution of short films. Calling upon their experience with the film industry as well as a run in or two with crowdfunding, the company's founders came up with the idea for a platform from which independently produced UK short films could be launched onto a global market. 

Seraphim Entertainment is looking to raise £80,000 and offering in exchange a stake of up to 20% in the venture. Additional funds are not being sought after from alternative sources. For investors who purchase shares into the first £40,000 of the required funds will receive "bonus shares" essentially being awarded double equity return on their investment. The money raised will be used to cover operation costs of the company which will include attending promotional events and festivals to secure the most sought after short films. 

In addition to owning  a piece of a UK film company, major investors may be in line for a number of red carpet rewards. These include exclusive access to the company's catalogue of  films as well a visit to Hollywood in conjunction with the UK Short Film Showcase. This event organised by Seraphim Pictures aims to take films from around the UK for an exclusive Hollywood premier to be screened at the Arclight Theatre on Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard. The trip will include a Hollywood tour, tickets to the premier followed by a canape reception, and even a visit to Universal Studios Theme Park, and even attend the recording of a live show.

At present there is only one film lined up to be featured, The Final Punchline, but discussions are under way to add more titles that have garnered positive attention at festivals making them highly marketable. In fact Seraphim Entertainment is working to secure representation for two titles Under The Rug and Defining Fay. Investors looking to purchase shares in this venture should first register with the Crowdcube site before heading over the project's campaign page. Those looking to purchase a stake in the project can qualify for tax relief under the government SEIS scheme.

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