Wednesday 10 April 2013

Help Crowdfund Rastamouse to A World Audience

Not content with spreading joy amongst the young of the shores of Blighty, Rastamouse, one of the UK's most popular children's television characters will be looking to "make bad tings good" the world over. The twice BAFTA nominated children's animation is looking to expand  onto the international scene, which as well as broadcasting all over the world, will also include lucrative licensing and merchandising opportunities. In order to make world domination of children's television possible the makers of the show are looking for investors to help raise the necessary funds through equity based crowdfunding offering in return a stake in this entertaining enterprise.

Rastamouse was first broadcast on the BBC's children's channel, cbeebies, in January 2011. The show quickly became popular with its blend of Caribbean style music, fun animation, colourful characters and of course its lovable star voiced by presenter and actor Reggie Yates. A second season was commissioned and broadcast in July the same year becoming the BBC's most watched children's programme, Rastamouse also garnered thousands of hits on YouTube as well as enjoying as regular repeats on both the BBC as well through the iPlayer on demand service. Rastamouse's popularity has rivalled that of previous popular children's characters such as the Teletubbies, and now  the creators want to take the lovable mouse to the next giant leap.

The show's creators, Three Stones Media, and The Rastmouse Company feel the time is right to produce further series for broadcasting but to a global audience, and are looking for investors to help make this happen. Through the UK based crowdfunding platform, FundTheGap, the creators are looking to raise £500,000 equating to a total of 5.3% equity. The investment will be used to facilitate the expansion of show to a planet wide viewing audience made possible thanks to a signing deal for international distribution with DHX Media. Specifically, the funds will be used to complete production on series three as well as the recently commissioned fourth series, help raise revenue from broadcasting commissions, expand merchandising and licensing operations, and produce live shows and tours.
It is fantastic that Rastamouse is to be featured on FundTheGap. The initiative sits alongside Three Stones Media’s current funding activity, and will allow fans and people who are not already in the industry, including parents of the kids that love our show, to be a part of and to benefit from, the success of Rastamouse. It will also open us up to a range of investors we wouldn't usually connect with if we were to only go down the traditional route of investment. - Greg Boardman, Producer, Three Stones Media
In terms of benefits for the investors Three Stones Media are aiming for extensive growth from 2013 to 2017. The target is for a five year exit strategy with a very healthy return anticipated for the investors, who will also qualify for tax relief under the UK SEIS and EIS schemes. At present the venture has only raised £17,000, just 3% of the target funds with less than 60 days of funding deadline. Those who are interested must first register with FundTheGap to qualify as an investor (if not already done so) before visiting the project's funding page 

Image Credit; Worthy FM

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