Wednesday, 6 April 2016

The Loneliness of Freelancing and How to Beat it

The biggest shock for me when I dived feet first into the deep end of freelancing was not the feast or famine moments, the numerous rejections, or even the thought of doing my own tax returns. No, it was the sense of loneliness and isolation that comes with being your own one man band operation. It didn’t hit me straight away as I was too excited about the grand adventure ahead and with work already to be getting on with who had time to worry about such silly things? Yet slowly and insidiously it crept up on me and before long working from home became difficult and cabin fever had set in. 

Monday, 7 March 2016

[Interview] Mark Johnson - Playing for Change

It was a typical Sunday evening many years ago and I was sat in front of the television watching 'Russell Howard's Good News'. I knew it was nearer the show's end when the familiar toy monkey banging away on his cymbals appeared and the label popped up "It's not all doom and gloom." The video aired was a recording of 'Sittin on the dock of the bay' with all these street performers - singers, guitar players, percussionists -  around the world bringing one of my favourite songs to life. The vocals that exuded powerful soulful blues of those who had 'the know', as Smokey Robinson would say, were the late Roger Ridley and New Orleans' resident performer Grandpa Elliott; I was captivated. 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Much Ado About Oxford - Row over Speakers' Pay

I didn't realise speakers at the Oxford Literary Festival were not paid until Philip Pullman's shock announcement on Twitter. The author of the "His Dark Materials" trilogy caused a stir on 13th January this year when he resigned  as patron of the festival. He felt it conflicted with his role as president for the Society of Authors campaigning for authors' fairer wages. It's a campaign that specifically targets festivals that do not pay authors for their participation. In true predictable fashion his resignation got some media attention shining a spotlight on a contentious issue. The idea is simple enough; someone appears at your event then you pay for their time, but is it that simple where literary festivals are concerned? Let's see.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

[Interview] - Eddie Pinero The Next Generation Tony Robbins Part 2

After four years of working as a training consultant Eddie Pinero left the corporate world to embark on a personal venture and after only a year "Your World Within" is already growing into a top platform for life coaching, motivational speaking, and consultancy. Yet Eddie is more than just a next generation Tony Robbins, rather a free spirited philosopher and entrepreneur building a business on the idea of helping people to meet their potential by simply looking inwards for strength and inspiration. The videos posted onto the "Your World Within" website and YouTube channel, made up of a montage of clips that tell a story, with uplifting music playing in the background as he narrates his sagely thoughts, continue to draw interest.

Monday, 4 January 2016

[Interview] - Eddie Pinero; The Next Generation Tony Robbins

Deciding to leave the comfort of a relatively secure job in order to pursue a dream is scary, something I know all too well. Someone else who decided to take that plunge was 28 year old Eddie Pinero a writer, philosopher, musician and entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts who just over a year ago set up "Your World Within" a platform for inspirational ideas as well as consultancy and speaking services designed to help individuals and business maximize potential in their chosen field. A next generation Tony Robbins, Eddie regularly posts articles, and videos made up of inspirational video clips, moving music (mostly his own compositions) that accompany his thoughts and advice on various aspects of life be it in the commercial world, athletics or personal well-being. Having come across one such video, "Running in the Rain" and discovering his previous works afterwards I was curious to learn about the man behind the ideas and had the opportunity to speak to this very wise and insightful young entrepreneur.