Tuesday 4 June 2019

[INTERVIEW] - Bhaskar Sunkara; Radical Politics in a time of Extreme Inequality

Socialism it seems is alive and well enjoying a resurgence. The Labour left led by Jeremy Corbyn along with the far left Democrats in the US Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have resurrected a political idea many believed obsolete. So can socialism offer stability and certain in these unstable and and not so certain times? Bhaskar Sunkara, author of 'The Socialist Manifesto; The Case for Radical Politics in an Era of Extreme Inequality' came to St George's Bristol for a sit down discussion, as part of the city's long running Festival of Ideas

In his book and during the discussion Bhaskar challenged the often misconceived perceptions of socialism and talked about what a socialist system would look like today. Bhaskar views it as a means to achieve economic equality, and tackle other forms of oppression, ultimately winning rights to healthcare, education and housing and creating new democratic institutions.I had a chance to speak with Bhaskar prior to his talk and the columnist from New York gave some fascinating insights on the inequalities we face, capitalism vs socialism and whether there can be a socialist future.

What are your thoughts on tackling extreme social and economic inequality? Do you agree with Bhaskar that socialism has the answers? Join in the discussion on Twitter and Facebook or in the comments section. 

Thanks to Bhaskar for taking time out for the interview having just got off the train.
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Also like to thank the event organisers and staff at St George's Bristol for accommodating the interview.

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