Monday 27 January 2020

From Mad Ideas to Insane Reality

Pitching the idea of a tell all - of sorts - book all about The Asylum was a difficult sell to David Latt, one of the founding partners of the company. I'll admit some if it is down to this being my first book on any topic, but his concerns seemed to focus around any potential interest; 'it might make for a few good articles but not sure enough for a whole book' he told me. I convinced him this was a book waiting to be written and that B-movie and Asylum fans would flock to it so they can read all about how the Asylum came to be. Now it's my turn to tell you, the fans/persons of interest/film nerds alike why I am doing this and what lies on the road ahead. 


It's hard to imagine that The Asylum was founded almost 25 years ago, in which time they've released and produced over 300 films in every movie genre, and two successful tv series. Their work has attracted a plethora of well known Hollywood actors and filmmakers including C Thomas Howell, Christopher Judge, Tara Reid, and director Mary Lambert ('Pet Semetary'), and partnerships with major outlets such as SyFy network and Netflix have been lucrative to say the least. They also make claim to something no other studio can; Asylum have never lost money on any project. How do they do this? Isn't it about time we found out? 


I am pleased and honoured to have the support and co-operation of the partners, and time of the studios most prominent creative talents. Their participation will give me as the author and you the reader invaluable and informative insight into the company's background and operations. I hope to write about what makes the studio so successful, what drives the partners to keep going, and even why so many people want to work for The Asylum. The book will also look at those films that made the most impact - 'HG War of the Worlds' and 'Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus' to name a few, as well as the successful diversification into television. 

When approaching people for interviews I make it clear form the onset that the book is not a 'hatchet job' aimed at bringing the studio down or simply poke fun. Yes I am a professional writer/reporter and this is a business venture. However I am also a film nerd and Asylum fan - I genuinely enjoy their movies and believe as a purveyor of low budget independent films The Asylum is catering to an audience that is looking for something different, imaginative and outside the conventional Hollywood blockbuster.


Research is well underway and interviews are lined up, looks like I will be swamped with information, stories, and recollections that will come together for an amazing fun filled read. If you are an Asylum fan then this book will be for you, written by a fan for the fans. Keep up to date with the latest developments on my progress including interview announcements, exclusive content, and of course that all important completion and release dates.

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