Tuesday 28 December 2021

Ramon Writes 2022 Back with a Bang


The last twenty months have been challenging for everyone around the world. So  much loss, sickness, dissent, bigotry and lost hope brought on and even amplified by the Covid-19 pandemic which saw our lives restricted and constrained through unpleasant yet necessary lockdowns. During this time some people have thrived through this adversity whilst others have been crippled by it. Ramon Writes falls somewhere in between - opportunities presented themselves and I grabbed them with bother hands but others slipped by due to non writing related work commitments and pressures . This is why Ramon Writes has been quiet for the past year. There's nothing worse than pouring  your energy into a role that keeps you deflated and almost never lifts you up. Things have changed however, we have our second wind and the Ramon Writes site is back with a bang. Here is what 2022 has in store.

An Epiphany

Over the last six months I've been working to build my following and portfolio of paid content to showcase my skills. Exploring different platforms and opportunities I found myself continually lost in an uncertain undiscovered country of possibilities that seemed unattainable. Many platforms promise exposure and income but there's always a catch and it seemed my ten plus years knowledge of online writing was getting me nowhere. Then three things happened that kicked me back into high gear;

  • A writer I follow announced he was stepping back from his regular content to rethink and re-educate himself on current trends, skills and techniques as he had found much of it was outdated. This made me think about my own approach to writing and marketing work, and enrolled in courses to update my skills set. 
  • One of my clients approached me with an incredible opportunity to tick off one of my life goals. Off the back of that they commissioned me for more work.
  • In one of the few useful and positive Twitter engagements, I was sizing up various content platforms as a way to monetise my content. He basically said that there has never been a better time to make a living from my own writing. He felt using other platforms would rob me of my brand.

Ramon Writes - Relaunch

After careful thought and planning Ramon Writes is re-branding and relaunching with a clear focus on content in the field of publishing, martial arts, and writing. In my sights to feature are independent authors & publishers, instructors and fighters who inspire others to better themselves through martial arts, other inspirational and motivational people, writers, marketers and artists. Ramon Writes has a mission to inspire and motivate, to tell stories and cement legacies.  A mission statement will follow spelling out exactly what to expect and in keeping with my goal to inform and entertain, and tell stories that inspire and guide.

Happy  new year everyone, here's to new stories, new ideas, and lasting legacies.

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